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Our testing services are an efficient, cost-effective way to manage your health. Medical testing can help identify serious conditions early, even if there are no symptoms. SAUDHI PARAMEDS can perform tests at any location, including your home, place of business or at our Office. Over 200 test types and customized health panels are available for both adults and children.

Screening that help to identify current or potential health problems

Allergy Panels

  1. ALCAT Test
  2. Food Allergy Panel
  3. Pediatric Allergy Panel

Annual Physical Testing

  1. Chemistry 23, CBC
  2. Chemistry 23, CBC, UA
  3. Children’s Health Panel
  4. Men’s Health Panel
  5. Women’s Health Panel

Wellness Testing

  1. Amylase
  2. Anemia Profile
  3. BUN / Creatinine w/ Ratio
  4. Carbon Dioxide
  5. Chemistry 23

Over 25 test call for more info...

Women’s Health

  1. Female Anti-Aging Deluxe
  2. Female Anti-Aging Deluxe Plus
  3. Female Cancer Panel
  4. Female Hair Loss Panel
  5. Women Health Panel
  6. Women Hormone Panel
  7. Women Infertility Panel

Blood Tests & Blood Diseases

1. ABO / Rh Typing
2. ANA w/ Reflex
3. Anemia Profile
4.0Antibody Identification
5. Antibody Screen w/ Reflex Identification
6. Antinuclear Antibodies
7. Chloride, Serum
8. Complete Blood Count (CBC) w/ Platelets & Differential
9. D-Dimer

Over 200 test call for info....

Children’s Health

  1. Children’s Health Panel
  2. Food Allergen Panel
  3. Lead, Blood
  4. Pediatric Allergen Panel

All tests are 100 percent confidential

Over 200 Tests please call for prices and info


Results are available within 1 business day and are delivered by e-mail and/or standard mail. Fax requests may be accommodated.

Tests and results are restricted to patients and test staff only, and conform to HIPAA rules and regulations.

Why do customers choose Saudhi Parameds

Transparent, affordable prices that fit within your healthcare budget

No appointment necessary

No insurance required

Doctor’s order provided, or we accept your physician’s order

Work-friendly hours, including Saturdays and Sundays

Convenient, where our customers live, work and shop

Fast test results, many available in only 24 – 48 hours

Discreet and confidential

No long wait – generally in and out in 15 minutes or less

No cramped waiting areas that expose our customers to others that may be contagious.

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