SAUDHI PARAMEDS is a national wellness services provider that provides tools and services to deliver better wellness programs.


We will always strive to offer excellence in customer service to both event location host and our exhibitors. Our goal is to provide the community with a wide array of exceptional services thus promoting and supporting a healthy lifestyle. We are the choice in complete health and wellness event planning.


Our mission is to provide quality, informative, educational and fun wellness events, in order to enhance the health and wellness of the community. We aspire to provide events that encompass complete health such as:

• Preventative health screenings

• Personal health

• Education

• Insurance options

• Pre-planning

• Early detection

• Exercise

• Financial health

• Safety

• Beauty

Professional Event Coordination

An Independently Owned and Operated corporate health fair company works in your best interest by creating a professional, fun and educational employee wellness event that is free from the problems that have developed in the industry. Only an Independently Owned and Operated corporate health fairs coordination company will do that for you. Saudhi Parameds provides 100% in-network* medical providers!

All of Saudhi Parameds exhibitors are all independently screened to make sure that they will be a good fit for your company. We hold no allegiance to any specific exhibitor and contract with each exhibitor individually to ensure that your company is protected.

If you want to make a positive impact with your health fairs you need to include the following 3 major components that make up full service health and wellness events:

Body Fat


Blood Pressure


Skin Damage


Carbon Monoxide

Employee Incentive Programs

One of the greatest challenges that corporations face is how to motivate ALL of your employees to take part in corporate health & wellness programs. Saudhi Parameds has found that incentive based initiatives always work the best in this area. Consider some of the more successful programs:

Offer money back to pay for part of an employee’s medical deductible for each employee who participates in corporate wellness programs and completes Health Risk Assessments (HRA) every 6 months for example.

Cater your event with healthy snacks, fancy finger food hors d’oeuvres, fresh fruit smoothies, and make the goodies available only to those employees who attend the event.

Offer Door Prizes for employees who PARTICIPATE in your health & wellness events only. Gift Certificates, Personal Electronics, Paid Days Off, are all good incentives.

Corporate Wellness and Employee Pampering Events

Saudhi Parameds offers our exclusive Stress Down Days in which you and your employees enjoy stress relieving services. These fee-for-service events are a good alternative to “just another health fair”, can become a reward for a job well done and are a perfect companion to your executive/sales training, seminars and conferences.

Massage Therapy (Multiple Chairs)

Paraffin Hand Treatments

Mini Facials


Skin Damage Screenings

Hand Treatments

Nutritional/Wellness Products


The employee experience

SAUDHI PARAMEDS provides each participant with an educational handout that includes his or her biometric values. We can also provide information about specific follow-up actions like coaching programs or additional brochures to go along with the results of their biometric health screenings. In addition to these handouts, we also encourage the use of a comprehensive health assessment questionnaire to help employees better understand the full picture of their health.



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